Great article: Wine vs. Beer

I saw this great article on the breakdown of wine versus beer from a health perspective and thought it could benefit a few people during idle conversation instead of getting in to a conversation about Politics, Religion or maybe those awkward job interviews!

You can read the full article here

But the essence of the article helps breakdown and compare the ingredients, the process, and the health benefits – which to me is funny, because in general who is drinking wine or beer to be healthy???

I liked the article, it’s a decent resource for those looking for a quick read for the sole purpose of having another interesting blurb to talk about.

~ Enjoy

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2006 Monsanto Chianti


A hint of wood, maybe some plum is what you will barely smell when opening this bottle. Very smooth, and not too dry this chianti is delightful to the mouth. It’s a hearty drink with Pasta and meatballs. A heavy pasta and sauce had me wanting to drink more of this to keep everything moving!

Wish my Chianti tasted this good!

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Very smooth, blueberry, currents and plums. This is a great wine. I’m looking at this as a new favorite! Go get some! Should be around $20-25, I got it as a gift! Thanks Sis!

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337 Cabernet

Delicious! A great solid wine. Not too fruity, drinks smooth with a medium finish. Plums and cherry I think, but a nice wine.

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Molly Dooker – 2010


Molly Dooker, 2010, Two Feet Left was a nice fruity red with some heaviness to it. Ended up having some Christmas leftovers and some fish and it tasted great. Lots of plum, cherry and grape jelly tones.

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